Predictive Maintenance

Truly Revolutionary Technology

The opportunity to integrate with the world around us is here. Today, we can place sensors anywhere alerting us to changes in performance.  Predictive Analytics or Predictive Maintenance is the art of modeling out the ideal operating performance with in a system then using sophisticated models alerting operators when the system has deviated from the norm.   We provide end to end support for Predictive Maintenance Operations including:

  • Strategy
  • Modeling & System Testing
  • Data Management
  • Implementation & Validation
  • Outsourced Managed Services

Predictive Maintenance Strategy

If you are just starting to consider a Predictive Maintenance Implementation we can help you evaluate options, implementation cost, ongoing operational plans, and management.  Coming up with the right Predictive Maintenance Strategy is the first step in achieving the incredible benefits from Predictive Maintenance.

Modeling & System Testing

We work with the engineers and operators to model and test systems, identifying normal operations.  We then calculate deviations that would trigger warnings.  The testing and evaluation of the system has to be done to within a trusted tolerance so as to not jeopardize the entire system and is accurate enough to identify the failing component(s).

Data Management

Aggregating data from the field, storing data, and managing the data can be one of the largest challenges to implementing a Predictive Maintenance program.  The Berkshire Team has developed methodologies for communicating and transferring large volumes of data being fed from remote sensors.

Implementation & Validation

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The Berkshire Team is skilled in implementation of Predictive Maintenance programs and  models.  We can help your team build out and deploy sensors, data collection, and applications for managing Predictive Maintenance programs.  We can help you transform your business by improving up-time performance.

Outsourced Managed Services

The Berkshire Team is capable of managing Predictive Maintenance programs globally.  We can help your organization keep your program up and running smoothly, delivering the results you expect from Predictive Maintenance.

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