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The ability to gain insights from your data is central to identifying strengths and weaknesses within an organization.   Analytics not only helps you make faster and smarter decisions as you tackle your most complex business issues, it also enables you to ask the right questions and identify new opportunities and threats. With experience in deploying targeted analytic projects, we can help you transform your business data into actionable analytics, with tangible results.

Our analytics solutions include innovations that lead to higher productivity and flexibility to change with your organizations needs. We understand that partnering with experts in Business Analytics can make a big difference to the competitiveness of your organization.

We take a realistic approach to analytics, working to understand an organizations current position with respect to their data management and current reporting capabilities.  After performing extensive research we propose a road map that will lead your organization through three key phases of development and use.

        Core Reports > Trend Analytics > Predictive Analytics

These three layers make up what we call the Reporting Stack.  Typically, we see clients that are stuck with Core Reports.  Core Reports provide only current period snap-shots of the organizations critical numbers such as pipeline, signings, revenue, guest visits, or performance against quota.

Core Reports are important to the business providing meaningful data on the organizations current performance.  However, they do not answer any of the resulting business questions that may come up such as, how an organization is doing year over year.  For that we need Trend Reports.  Most clients that we have worked with typically produce their Trend Reports manually in Excel spread sheets.  For the speed that business moves today this is too time consuming and lacks scalability.

As we move organizations over to automated analytic environments we see the organization’s managers start to ask new questions, questions they had not even thought of in the past.  As this ‘education’ phase disseminates throughout the organization we continue to introduce additional analytics that lead the company through an evolution, one that takes them from a reactionary position to proactive offensive positioning.

The real magic and revolution in analytics starts when we introduce Predictive Analytics — analytics that are truly actionable — that point your team to the right opportunity at the right time in order to take advantage of a critical moment that will likely not be there indefinitely.  When you see this type of pro-active positioning within your organization we know we have done our job, and will you know that you and your organization are now on the cutting edge of Business Analytics.  We hope that we can work with you as we have with many other clients on this progression.


We provide are capable of providing analytics across just about any industry.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your organizations current situation in order to provide you with an appropriate assessment.

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